The ritual of bathing – Art of Loves bath potions.


Bathing and taking precious time to cleanse your mind, body and soul is essential to maintain your personal energy. Soothing warm baths are one of life’s little pleasures with amazing benefits. Every day we are in contact with different energy vibrations which can have a positive and negative impact on our own vibration. Bathing in water has been practiced for hygiene, good health and peace of mind for centuries.

Taking time out to immerse yourself, cleansing your physical and energetic body really can have its advantages. Regular salt bathing will help draw toxins and heavy metals from the body, it will also draw in essential minerals from the salts which we are often lacking, e.g. magnesium. Resting and soaking in a ritual bath can also help ease muscle aches and pains and sore joints.

Ritual baths can be done at any time you feel the need, they can be exceptionally powerful around a new and full moon.

The blends of essential oils, flower and herbs in each of Art of Love salt bath potions all have their own amazing healing properties.

Energise Sun salt potion – An uplifting mix, aimed to stimulate and energise. A mix of healing salts, magnesium and sunflower petals. Scented with ginger, orange, bergamot and patchouli. £6

Harmonise salt potion- Harmonise your mind body and spirit, with this delicate balancing potion. A mix of healing salts, magnesium and frankincense. Also scented with frankincense, lavender and bergamot. £6

Royal Relax salt potion – Fully relax with this potion, the smell instantly create a calming effect, with beautiful jasmine, lavender and orange. With the magic healing properties of mixed salts, magnesium and lavender. £6

Goddess Salt potion – A luscious mix of frankincense and rose for that occasion where you really feel you need to pamper yourself. Mixed salts, magnesium, frankincense and rose petals. £6

Moon magic salt potion – Ideal for when you want to harness the energy of a new or full moon. Packed full of healing salts, magnesium and frankincense. It also contains a moon stone to full charge the potion ready for when it is used. The moon stone can then be added to the bath to be cleansed and charged ready for you to carry and use. £8

All of my bath potions are made with love and care, using only the finest natural ingredients.

It really is time to nurture the divine goddess within you and take care of your vibration.

Individual blends can be made up should you feel you need something a bit different, please get in touch to chat.

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