Shungite EMF Protection


EMFs are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.

Research and evidence is on the rise as to the health concerns and risks of EMF. We are surrounded by technology that makes most of us exposed to it. Mobile phones, WIFI routers (the list is endless) all could be seriously damaging our health and environment.

Microwaves for example – The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you limit your exposure to 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG. When you are three feet away from a microwave, you are exposed to up to 25 mG. What is this doing to your health?

EMF’S can cause the symptoms of illness. Again this is not an exhausted list.

  • Nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and problems sleeping
  • Skin problems like burning sensations and rashes
  • Body pains and aches in your muscles

Even if you are feeling well EMFs could still be having an impact on you.

Shungite is a stone which is not like any other here on mother earth. Shungite has a reputation of being able to absorb and neutralise EMFs due to its components on a molecular level. Here is a video link so you can see for yourself…


Shungite really is a magical stone and very much needed in this day and age of electronic equipment.

I am expecting a delivery in the next few days. If you would like one reserving please let me know. I know myself will be placing pieces around the house.

Love and blessings.

Carly xx

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