Yin and Yang Yoga and Sound Healing Experience

ying and yang

23rd April – Sky Blue Yoga Stafford 2pm-4pm

Everything contains yin and yang, they are two opposites but complimentary energies. Without the one the other wouldn’t exist. Bringing your feminine and masculine energy inline is vital for a happy healthy life.

We invite you to join us for a workshop dedicated to balancing these two very important energies.

Yang – Come and join us for a more dynamic and active flow of yoga, poses that emphasise strength and power. Increase your flexibility and stamina.
Yin – A deeply relaxing sound journey using the more feminine sacred sound instruments, such as Himalayan singing bowls, Quartz Crystal bowls and chimes.

We hope you can join us on what is set to be a transformational workshop.

Exchange – £20

Please get in touch to book.

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