Wild Garlic Foraging – Pesto Recipe


Well I can tell that spring is arriving, my normal wild garlic spot is showing signs of new life. What better way to spend a day, walking, foraging and cooking.

Wild garlic is an easy forage for anyone even those with very limited experience, the smell gives it away instantly, there is a similar looking plant called lily of the valley however it doesn’t have the garlicky smell. So this really is a very easy plant to identify.

Wild garlic is found in pretty much every deciduous British woodland or riverbank right up until the end of spring. Once you have found one plant there will be sure to plenty more nearby. Towards the latter end of spring they are also noticeable with their delicate pretty white flower, which is also delicious and edible.

Wild garlic can substitute normal garlic in your usual recipes, I love tossing the leaves into a salad and one of my favorites is making homemade pesto.

This homemade pesto recipe is so delicious its a must at this time of year. I always make a big batch and freeze for use throughout the year.

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe 

  • A large handful of washed wild garlic
  • A small handful of basil
  • 60g Pine nuts
  • 60g Parmesan
  • 150ml Olive oil
  • Dash of lemon juice
  • Season with salt and pepper

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor except the olive oil. Once blended add the oil and hey pesto its ready!

You can always double/triple the quantities to make larger batches for freezing.

Happy foraging!

Love & Blessings



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