Zeal Chakra – Smokey Quartz Crystal Bowl



Introducing a new bowl into my collection, and a very special one it is too. A beautiful 8 inch smokey quartz zeal chakra crystal singing bowl.

Zeal chakra? Yes! Chakras are energy centers. Although most people have heard of seven chakras, there are actually 114 in the body. The Zeal point chakra is located in the back of the head, at the base of the skull and is also called the Mouth of God.

This chakra is aligned with the color magenta and number 44, which in numerology is the entry point for the new evolution. Opening of this chakra and keeping it balanced enhances peace, universal love and being in a place of acceptance, surrender, and harmony.

The gift of this chakra opening is a fully conscious mind to express the spiritual powers through the voice.

The Smoky Quartz Bowl promotes positive mental and spiritual thinking and the art of staying grounded and balanced. Smokey Quartz helps one center oneself during meditation and supplies a link in between the physical and higher self.

I love the combination of the grounding element as well as opening up to our higher self. I look forward to sharing this with you in the near future.

Blessings Carly xx

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