Native Sacred Herb Smudge Sticks- Making your own!



Mother earth blessings – All plants possess a sacred spirit a spirit that goes well beyond, and vibrates deeper, than its physical constituents.

This time of year is a good time to prune sage, rosemary and thyme, trimming of the excess helps keep the plants bushy.

Each herb has a magical power of its own –

Rosemary, when burned, emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, and when used as a smudge it helps get rid of negativity. It is one of the oldest incenses.

Lavender has powers of protection cleansing, and love. Lavender brings a positive energy, opens the heart chakra and calms the mind.

Thyme has numerous magical properties. Thyme’s associations include: healing, love, psychic knowledge and purification.

Harvest herbs in the morning after the sun has dried the dew but before the heat of the day sets in. Use a sharp  knife to cut herbs. Thank the plant for its gift, and offer it something in return, perhaps some water, organic fertilizer or mulch. Harvest only the amount of herbs needed, except when pruning the plants, to ensure healthy growth for the following season.

Making your smudge stick –

  1. Cut the branches of the herb you are using into 7-10 inch lengths – I use a mix of all 3.
  2. Get a long piece of cotton, 1 metre length I have found to be the best.
  3. Bundle the branches together (to your desired thickness).
  4. With the tips of the branches pointing down, begin wrapping the cord tightly around the base of your bundle.
  5. Then, wrap the cord around the bundle, pressing as you go to tighten.
  6. When you reach the tip, begin working your way back down toward the base.
  7. Tie the two ends of the cord together at the base.
  8. Hang up or store somewhere dark and dry – Drying time varies depending on conditions.

The leaves must be completely 100% dry to burn so it’s best to wait until you’re sure. Light one end and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy making your own smudge sticks as much as I have.

Love and Blessgings

Carly xx


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