Laughter and Sound Vibration Experience – Newcastle Under Lyme

laughing sound healing

We have set the date for our next workshop, Saturday 21st May 2016. Book early to ensure you get a place, tickets can be found under the events section.

This is a 2 hour workshop incorporating the amazing healing benefits of laughter, sound and vibration.

“Laughter Yoga combines laughter with deep yogic breathing (Pranayama). It’s a perfect way to laugh and get exercise at the same time. It approaches laughter as a body exercise so it’s easy to laugh even if you’re depressed or in a bad mood.

I’ve tried it and it works.” – Oprah Winfrey

No special clothing or equipment is required and it is available to everyone regardless of level of fitness or previous experience.Laughter Yoga is a simple, gentle and healthy exercise that suits all ages and abilities.

Once all the belly laughter has happened….

Relax and unwind with the soothing vibrational sounds of the Himalyan singing bowls.

The multiple harmonic frequencies of singing bowls have been used around the world for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. For more than 3000 years they have been used to achieve a profound healing effect on the body and mind.

This group experience will start with breath work to get you relaxed and ready to receive.

You will then experience the magic of the bowls.

We will end with Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” which is a deep state of subconscious relaxation which yogis experience during meditation.
This is a group experience which will leave you feeling fully relaxed and on a higher vibration.

Please bring a pillow and a blanket ♥.

Exchange £15

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