Nurture Mother Goddess!

Are you about to embrace the world of motherhood?

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Henna and body art during pregnancy is an ancient practice believed to bring about an easy birth and a healthy child. Henna is also believed to protect and bless the mother from any evil or malicious spirits.

Decorating your beautiful bump is a way of celebrating the body’s physical changes at this special time, a photo shoot can be arranged so you have some beautiful memories to look back on. We can discuss your individual creation when you get in contact.

Baby showers, Henna parties and individual sittings can be arranged.

We also arrange mother blessings which is whole/half days experience with activities such as yoga, meditation, belly dancing, crafts and lots more. Each blessing can be customised and you can choose the activities that you want in your mother blessing. Its all about the mother and celebrating the change into motherhood.

More information can be found on my Nurture Mother Goddess blog post.